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PFC Schottky diode PTR20L300CT 20A300V low dropout Schottky

Name:PFC Schottky diode PTR20L300CT 20A300V low dropout Schottky

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PFC (energy-saving components) produces and sells LOW VF Schottky diodes. The core R&D team is independent of DIODES.
Leading the industry with highly innovative technologies, and consistently providing customers with high-performance semiconductors.
The company entered China, Taiwan, and other Asian regions under the "PFC" brand. PFC holds 46 registered patents.
The power Schottky rectifier of PFC has extremely high temperature resistance characteristics, which surpasses the temperature resistance of 175 degrees Celsius of traditional Schottky rectifiers, generally up to 200°C
It can reach 220°C without heat escape. It also has extremely low leakage current IR and forward voltage drop VF, which can reduce power loss, reduce temperature rise, and improve efficiency.
It can assist electronic engineers to overcome the high thermal environment, high power, high efficiency and other problems of current electronic products.

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