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PTR20L100 20A 100V TO-220F Schottky diode

Name:PTR20L100 20A 100V TO-220F Schottky diode

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PTR20L100 20A 100V Schottky TO-220F plastic package
Founded in 2007, PFC is the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturer, focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of power-related discrete components.
The R&D department is located in the United States and Taiwan, with sales offices in Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong.
•・ Based on its patented technology, PFC provides diodes, rectifiers, and other various discrete components and diversified packages.
•・ Senior executives and core R&D teams come from first-tier semiconductor manufacturers such as Vishay, IR, Diodes Inc., LiteOnSemiconductor, etc.
•・ It was listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in October 2016.
The power Schottky rectifier of PFC has the characteristics of no noise and fast reverse recovery time (Reverse Recovery Time, Trr). The power Schottky rectifier of PFC uses special process technology.
It has extremely high temperature resistance characteristics, surpassing the 175°C temperature resistance of traditional Schottky rectifiers, generally up to 200°C,
PFC products can reduce power loss, reduce temperature rise, improve efficiency, and have excellent reliability. This can assist designers in solving the problems of today's electrical products in overcoming the high thermal environment, high power, and high efficiency.

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