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MOSPEC S20M45C 20A 45V Schottky diode

Name:MOSPEC S20M45C 20A 45V Schottky diode

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MOSPEC S20M45C 20A45V Schottky diode

Application fields: switching power supply, frequency converter, driver and other circuits, used as high-frequency, low-voltage, high-current rectifier diodes, freewheeling diodes, protection diodes, or used as rectifier diodes in microwave communication circuits.

Schottky diode supplier


Dongguan Meirui Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 as a professional supplier of semiconductor discrete device sales and technical services. Main products: Schottky diodes, Zener diodes, LOW VF Schottky diodes, Schottky bridge stacks, silicon carbide diodes, low voltage MOS, etc. The core management team has many years of industry background, and constantly attracts outstanding talents to join, and has a complete talent cultivation mechanism to ensure continuous improvement of competitiveness. Products are widely used in: home appliance control panels, various power supplies, LED lighting, smart home, electricity and mobile phones, tablet computers and photovoltaic generator industrial equipment and other fields.
The company's current product lines include:
1. A full range of diodes and bridge stacks;
2. Low-voltage MOSFET;
3. LDO;
4. Silicon carbide diode/MOS.


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