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SS24 2A 40V SMD Schottky diode

Name:SS24 2A 40V SMD Schottky diode

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SMD Schottky SS22 corresponds to the in-line model SR220 or SB220
SS23 corresponds to in-line model SR230 or SB230
SS24 corresponds to SR240 Schottky SB240
SS25 corresponds to in-line model SR250 or SB250
SS26 corresponds to in-line model SR260 or SB260
SS28 corresponds to in-line model SR280 or SB280
SS210 corresponds to the in-line model SR2100 or SB2100
Schottky diode is a low-power, ultra-high-speed semiconductor device, which is widely used in circuits such as inverters and drivers. It is used as high-frequency, low-voltage, high-current, and protection diodes, or in microwave communications and other circuits. , Small signal use.

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