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MBR10100CT 10A 100V Schottky diode

Name:MBR10100CT 10A 100V Schottky diode

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Schottky barrier rectifier
Use the Schottky barrier principle with high-strength refractory metals
Temperature manipulation metal. Proprietary barrier technology can achieve
Reliable operation is still possible when the junction temperature is as high as 175℃. Typical applications are
Switching power supplies, such as adapters, DC/DC converters, freewheeling
And polarity protection diode.
* Low forward voltage.
*Low switching noise.
*High current capacity
* Guaranteed reverse avalanche.
*Guard ring used to protect pressure.
*Low power consumption, high efficiency.
*Working junction temperature of 175℃
* Low-charge majority carrier conduction.
*Used plastic materials passed the Underwriters Laboratory
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