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Name:MOSPEC S30T150C TO-220AB low dropout Schottky diode

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MOSPEC low dropout Schottky diode S30T150C TO-220AB LOWVF
30A 150V Schottky TO-220 iron seal, surge current IFSM: 270A
The Schottky barrier principle and high-strength refractory metals are used together with temperature-operated metals.
Proprietary barrier technology can achieve reliable operation even when the junction temperature is as high as 150°C.
Typical applications are switching power supplies, such as adapters, DC/DC converters, freewheeling and polarity protection diodes.
* Low forward voltage.
*Low switching noise.
*High current capacity
* Guaranteed reverse avalanche.
*Guard ring used to protect pressure.
*Low power consumption, high efficiency.
* 150℃ working junction temperature
* Low-charge majority carrier conduction.
*Used plastic materials passed the Underwriters Laboratory
Flammability classification 94V-O
*Comply with EU RoHs 2002/95/EC Directive
*Installation torque: maximum 5 in-lbs
brand introduction
Taiwan Tongmao (MOSPEC) is a vertically integrated power semiconductor company.
Power supply product line with advanced technology in Taiwan. The main products are Tong Mao power MOS, Tong Mao Schottky diodes,
Ultra-high-speed and fast recovery rectifier diodes, surge suppression diodes, and various surface mount product components.
Tongmao's products have excellent performance, comparable to those of Qiangmao, and can replace Qiangmao's diodes, and are more cost-effective. Customers are welcome to inquire.
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