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FABS110 (1A 50V-1000V) soft bridge fast recovery bridge stack

Name:FABS110 (1A 50V-1000V) soft bridge fast recovery bridge stack

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Taiwan Hongyang FABS105-110 (1A 50V-1000V) soft bridge fast recovery bridge stack
Taiwan Hongyang (hy) mass-produced soft bridge specifications:
FABS105-110(1A 50V-1000V)
FD4K406/407(4A 800V-1000V)
FABS210(2A 1000V) Welcome to consult!
The soft bridge is selected in the application of the PD scheme because of the advantages of soft bridges compared to ordinary bridges:
a. Improve low frequency conduction characteristics;
b. Reduce the stray line inductance excitation of AC input line;
c. Suppress high-frequency waveforms caused by low-frequency input voltage rectification;
d. It can reduce the electric tube in the input filter circuit;
Schottky diode supplier
Meirui’s main products: Schottky diodes, Zener diodes, LOW VF Schottky diodes, Schottky bridge stacks, silicon carbide diodes, low voltage MOS, etc. The core management team has many years of industry background, and constantly attracts outstanding talents to join, and has a complete talent cultivation mechanism to ensure continuous improvement of competitiveness.
The company's current product lines include:
1. A full range of diodes and bridge stacks;
2. Low-voltage MOSFET;
3. LDO;
4. Silicon carbide diode/MOS.


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