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Stable voltage of Zener diode

Stable voltage refers to the stable voltage value generated at both ends of the Zener diode when the rated current passes. This value varies slightly with operating current and temperature. Due to different manufacturing processes, the voltage stabilization values of the same type of zener tubes are not completely consistent. For example, the Vzmin of the 2CW51 regulator is 3.0V and the Vzmax is 3.6v. Zener diode is a kind of diode with voltage stabilization function. It is made by using the phenomenon that the current can vary widely when the reverse breakdown state of the pn junction and the voltage are basically unchanged.
Zener diode is a semiconductor device with high resistance up to the critical reverse breakdown voltage. At this critical breakdown point, the reverse resistance drops to a very small value, the current increases, and the voltage remains unchanged in this low resistance region. Zener diodes are classified according to breakdown voltage. Due to this characteristic, Zener diodes are mainly used as voltage regulators or voltage reference components. Zener diodes can be used in series at higher voltages, and higher stable voltages can be obtained through series connection.
The forward characteristic of the volt-ampere characteristic curve of a Zener diode is similar to that of an ordinary diode. The reverse characteristic is that when the reverse voltage is lower than the reverse breakdown voltage, the reverse resistance is large and the reverse leakage current is extremely small. However, when the reverse voltage approaches the critical value of the reverse voltage, the reverse current suddenly increases, which is called breakdown. At this critical breakdown point, the reverse resistance suddenly drops to a very small value. Although the current changes in a wide range, the voltage across the diode is basically stable near the breakdown voltage, thus realizing the diode's voltage stabilization function.
The breakdown of Zener diode is mainly manifested as open circuit, short circuit and unstable voltage regulation value. Among the three types of failures, the first type of failure indicates an increase in power supply voltage. The latter two faults are manifested as the power supply voltage drops to zero volts or the output is unstable. Overvoltage protection uses the breakdown voltage of Zener diodes. Once the power supply voltage VCC exceeds the breakdown voltage of the Zener diode, the Zener will be turned on. At this time, the contact K will be closed, the relay will be turned on, and the load RL will work. When the VCC voltage is too low (not reaching the stable voltage value of the regulator), the contact does not work and the relay will not close.  
The above mentioned is the stable voltage of the Zener diode, I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to know more about the relevant information about the Zener diode, please consult online customer service or call our company's service hotline ( The upper right corner of the website) for consultation, we will be happy to provide you with quality service!
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