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What is Coolmos?

CoolMOS is a new product launched by Infineon, of which the C3 series is the most representative, because its performance parameters are better than other brands, but the price is quite high. The most valuable difference between CoolMOS tube and ordinary MOS tube is that RDS (on) is only half of ordinary MOS tube. Using Coolmos instead of ordinary mos tubes can reduce loss and improve efficiency.
Under the same power, Coolmos is smaller than ordinary MOS tube, which is conducive to the miniaturization of the power supply. Coolmos has high gate turn-on voltage limit and strong interference capability. Coolmos has low gate charge and low drive power. Coolmos node has small capacitance and low switching loss. At present, it is widely used in communication power supply, photovoltaic inverter and other industries.
CoolMOS is still relatively few in my country. For example, in the 70W notebook adapter, our country still uses many 20A flat tubes (or 16A), but we know that the useful current in the actual circuit is actually very small. 20A only likes its low internal resistance, reducing loss and lowering temperature. If you use Coolmos and think that 16A is still needed, then the same current and price must be incomparable. In fact, Coolmos10A is quite satisfied. The switching loss of Coolmos is much lower than that of planar tubes. If the internal resistance is high, Coolmos's 10A will not be much higher than 16A. At high temperatures, basic internal resistance is common. (There is a chance to send test data. The internal resistance of 16A flat tube and 10A Coolmos are similar at 100 degrees, with load and low switching loss).
According to the development of Coolmos, C3C6CPCFDCFD2 works hard on Trr (C6 is outside, he is C3 Costedown). You are the planner of power, and you know the fair use of Trr better than I do. When using CoolMOS in practice, driving Rg at the front end of the MOS usually requires much lower resistance. This can also reduce losses. For example, the driving resistance of the front section of the 20N 60C 3 metal oxide semiconductor can usually be lower than 15 ohms, but the lower the better, the higher the switch, and electromagnetic interference problems occur. Therefore, the selection of drive resistance should be considered comprehensively. Under electromagnetic interference conditions, the drive resistance should be as small as possible.
The above explanation is Coolmos, I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to know more about Coolmos, please contact customer service online or call our company's service hotline (top right corner of the website) for consultation. We will wholeheartedly provide you with quality service!
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