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Performance characteristics of Schottky diodes

Schottky diode is a low-power, ultra-high-speed semiconductor device. Its reverse recovery time is very short (can be as small as a few nanoseconds), and the forward voltage drop is only about 0.4V. Most of them are used as high frequency, low voltage, high current rectifier diodes, freewheeling diodes and protection diodes. They are also used as rectifier diodes and small signal detection diodes in microwave communication circuits. Commonly used in communication power supplies, inverters, etc.
In the switching circuit of the bipolar transistor BJT, the Schottky diode is connected to the BJT clamp, so that the transistor is actually in a very off state when the transistor is turned on, thereby increasing the switching speed of the transistor. This method is used in the TTL internal circuits of typical digital integrated circuits such as 74LS, 74ALS and 74AS. The forward voltage drop VF of the Schottky diode is relatively small. Under the same current, its forward voltage drop is much smaller. In addition, its recovery time is very short. It also has some disadvantages: low withstand voltage and slightly larger leakage current. The choice should be fully considered.
Schottky diodes are not made using the principle that a P-type semiconductor and an N-type semiconductor are contacted to form a PN junction, but are made using the principle that a metal-semiconductor contact forms a metal-semiconductor junction. Therefore, Schottky diodes are also called metal semiconductor (contact) diodes or surface barrier diodes, which are a kind of hot carrier diode.
Because the Schottky diode is a majority carrier conducting device, there is no minority carrier lifetime and reverse recovery issues. The reverse recovery time of a Schottky diode is only the charge and discharge time of the Schottky barrier capacitor, which is completely different from the reverse recovery time of a PN junction diode. Since the reverse recovery charge of the Schottky diode is very small, the switching speed is very fast, and the switching loss is very small, which is especially suitable for high-frequency applications.
The above explanations are the performance characteristics of Schottky diodes. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading. If you want to know more about Schottky diodes, please contact customer service online or call our company’s service Hotline (upper right corner of the website) for consultation, we will be happy to provide you with quality service!


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