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Introduction to TO-220 Schottky diode MBR1060CT

Friends who are familiar with Tong Mao's Schottky diodes know that Tong Mao's MBR series diodes are very popular. Today we will talk about Tong Mao's TO-220 package Schottky diode MBR1060CT.
Tongmao MBR1060CT, the appearance size is TO-220, the model is MBR1060CT, the product parameters are 10A 60V (forward current is 10.0A, reverse withstand voltage is 60V). So, what are the characteristics of this Schottky diode?
TO-220 package Schottky diode MBR1060CT adopts high-quality materials, which is very suitable for low-voltage, high-frequency rectification as a rotation and polarity protection diode. MBR1060CT has the characteristics of low forward voltage, low switching noise, large current capacity, guaranteed anti-avalanche, pressure protection ring, low power consumption and high efficiency. It is widely used in various switching power supplies, liquid crystal displays, inverters, etc., and is well received by customers.


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