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What is a silicon carbide diode? What is the application?

Silicon carbide diodes are unipolar devices, so compared with traditional silicon fast recovery diodes (silicon FRD), silicon carbide diodes have ideal reverse recovery characteristics. When the device is switched from the forward direction to the reverse blocking direction, there is almost no reverse recovery power, the reverse recovery time is less than 20ns, and even the reverse recovery time of the 600V10A silicon carbide diode is less than 10ns.
Silicon carbide diodes can work at higher frequencies and have higher efficiency at the same frequency. In addition, silicon carbide diodes also have a positive temperature coefficient, and the resistance gradually increases with increasing temperature, which is the opposite of silicon FRD. This makes the silicon carbide diodes very suitable for parallel connection and improves the safety and reliability of the system.
Silicon carbide diode is an ideal device that combines high voltage, fast speed, low power consumption and high temperature resistance. At present, a variety of silicon carbide devices have been successfully developed in the world. Silicon carbide SBD, as a zero recovery diode, greatly improves the high frequency power supply circuit. The unique high-temperature characteristics of silicon carbide diodes give it potential advantages in power applications under high-temperature environments.
The silicon carbide diode has passed the test of automotive-grade products, and its polarity withstand voltage has been increased to 650 volts, which can meet the requirements of designers and car manufacturers to reduce the voltage compensation coefficient, thereby ensuring the nominal voltage and instantaneous voltage of on-board charging semiconductor components There is sufficient safety margin between peak voltages. Silicon carbide diode dual-tube products can maximize the utilization of air and space and reduce the weight of the car charger.
For switching power supply applications, silicon carbide diodes can be used for extremely fast switching, high frequency operation, zero recovery and temperature-independent behavior. In addition to our low inductance rapid prototyping packages, these silicon carbide diodes can also be used in any number of fast switching diode circuits or high frequency converter applications. Silicon carbide diodes are widely used in industrial fields for high frequency power converters in heavy motors and industrial equipment. It has the advantages of high efficiency, high power and high frequency.
The above explanation is about silicon carbide diodes and their applications. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading. If you want to learn more about silicon carbide diodes, please contact customer service online or call our service hotline (website (Upper right corner) for consultation, we will be happy to provide you with quality service!


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