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Basic characteristics and applications of silicon carbide diodes

Silicon carbide diode is a metal contact semiconductor silicon diode. Due to its special structure, silicon carbide diodes have benchmark switching performance, no reverse recovery current, temperature will hardly affect the switching behavior and the standard operating temperature range is -55°C to 175°C. Silicon carbide diodes also have the following basic characteristics:
Silicon carbide diodes are more like ideal switches than PN junction devices. The two most important performance indicators of Schottky diodes are its low reverse recovery charge (Qrr) and recovery softening coefficient. Silicon carbide diodes also have advantages over PN junction devices because they have low forward conduction voltage and low conduction losses. Silicon carbide Schottky diodes also have two disadvantages. First, the reverse withstand voltage VR is relatively low, usually only about 100 volts; second, the reverse leakage current IR is relatively large.
Silicon carbide diodes are unipolar devices, so compared with traditional silicon fast recovery diodes (silicon FRD), silicon carbide Schottky diodes have ideal reverse recovery characteristics. Silicon carbide diodes, known as zero reverse recovery time, are dedicated boost diodes for high-efficiency power factor correction boost circuits. They are also suitable for the relatively popular photovoltaic grid-connected and some power supplies that pursue high efficiency.
Silicon carbide diode has obvious advantages, such as high critical breakdown electric field and high electron mobility. It is an excellent semiconductor material for manufacturing high-voltage, high-temperature and radiation-resistant power semiconductor devices. It is also the third-generation semiconductor material with the best comprehensive performance, the highest degree of commercialization, and the most mature technology.
The application of silicon carbide diode:
The silicon carbide diode has passed the test of automotive-grade products, and the voltage across the junction is increased to 650V, which can meet the requirements of designers and car manufacturers to reduce the voltage compensation coefficient. Silicon carbide diodes: Heavy-duty motors and industrial equipment are mainly used in high-frequency power converters, with the advantages of high efficiency, high power and high frequency.
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