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What are the characteristics of Schottky diodes?

The characteristic of Schottky diode is that the reverse recovery time is extremely short, and the forward voltage drop is only 0.4V. Schottky diodes are mainly used as high frequency rectifier diodes, high current rectifier diodes, low voltage freewheeling diodes, protection diodes, small signal detection diodes, microwave communication circuits, etc.
The forward voltage drop of the Schottky diode is generally 0.2 ~ 0.3V, and the voltage drop of the high current tube can reach 0.5 ~ 0.8V after 10 years. The withstand voltage is mostly less than 200 volts (such as the commonly used SR5200, rectified current 5A, withstand voltage is 200 volts). Schottky diodes are commonly found in communication power supplies, inverters, etc. However, ordinary diodes can only be used in low-frequency rectification occasions, and the withstand voltage can be higher.
Schottky diodes have good high frequency performance and low forward voltage drop, and are widely used in switching power supplies and inverter circuits. Schottky diodes are often used in high frequency and low voltage high current rectifier circuits because of their good high frequency performance and small forward voltage drop. Like the high-frequency rectification of the output stage of a mobile phone charger, Schottky diodes are mainly used in various DC-DC step-down and boost circuits.
The maximum junction temperature of Schottky diodes is 100℃, 125℃, 150% and 175℃ (the higher the junction temperature, the better the high temperature resistance of the product. That is, operation below this temperature will not cause failure). In addition, Schottky diodes can withstand high surge currents. The structure and characteristics of Schottky diodes make it suitable for high-frequency rectification, high-frequency detection and mixing under low-voltage and high-current output. Schottky diodes are used as clamping circuits in high-speed logic circuits. Schottky diodes are also commonly used in integrated circuits and are widely used in high-speed computers. In addition to the characteristic parameters of ordinary PN junction diodes, the electrical parameters of Schottky diodes used for detection and mixing also include intermediate frequency impedance, which refers to the impedance of the Schottky diode to a specified intermediate frequency when the rated local oscillator power is applied.
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