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What are the advantages of silicon carbide diodes?

Silicon carbide diodes, known as zero reverse recovery time, are dedicated boost diodes for high-efficiency power factor correction boost circuits. They are also suitable for the relatively popular photovoltaic grid-connected and some power supplies that pursue high efficiency. Silicon carbide diodes have the advantages of high strength, high hardness, good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance, high thermal conductivity and good oxidation resistance.
The recovery time of silicon carbide diode is shorter, and the temperature has little influence on switching behavior. The standard operating temperature range is -55℃-175℃, which is more stable and greatly reduces the requirements for heat sinks. The main advantages of silicon carbide diodes are extremely fast switching speeds and no reverse recovery current. Compared with silicon devices, it can greatly reduce switching losses and achieve excellent energy efficiency. Faster switching speeds also enable manufacturers to reduce the size of electromagnetic coils and related passive components, thereby improving assembly efficiency, reducing system weight and reducing material costs.
Silicon carbide diodes are used in system connection equipment for power exchange between power companies (such as BTB) and system stabilization equipment (such as reactive power generators). The impact of frequency changes caused by accidents on ultra-high voltage transmission lines is suppressed to a minimum, and high-quality power can be maintained. Silicon carbide diodes can also be applied to inverter devices connected to large batteries (fuel cells, small gas turbine power generation), etc.
The two ends of the silicon carbide diode are equipped with special high-temperature insulation sleeves, which can effectively prevent the metal solution from corroding the electric heating elements (including silicon carbide rods, electric furnace wires, etc.). ), all indicators are better than various graphite products, so it is widely used in intermediate frequency casting, various heat treatment electric furnaces, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-ferrous metal smelting, intermediate frequency heating casting furnaces and other fields.
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