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What is a silicon carbide diode?

Silicon carbide diodes are diodes made from silicon carbide. Silicon carbide diodes, known as zero reverse recovery time, are dedicated boost diodes for high-efficiency PFC boost circuits. The development of third-generation semiconductor materials represented by silicon carbide diodes has begun to receive attention, and have been applied in smart grids, electric vehicles, rail transit, new energy grid-connected, switching power supplies, industrial motors, and household appliances, showing Good development prospects.
Silicon carbide diode has obvious advantages such as high critical breakdown electric field and high electron mobility. It is an excellent semiconductor material for manufacturing high-voltage, high-temperature, and radiation-resistant power semiconductor devices. It is also the current best comprehensive performance, the highest degree of commercialization, and the most advanced technology. Mature third-generation semiconductor materials.
Silicon carbide diodes have high thermal conductivity, which can effectively increase power density. The higher the thermal conductivity index, the stronger the ability of the material to conduct heat into the environment, and the smaller the temperature rise of the device, the more conducive to improving the power density of the power device, so it is more suitable for working in a high temperature environment. The high breakdown field strength of the silicon carbide diode improves the withstand voltage and reduces the size, and the high electron breakdown field strength increases the breakdown voltage of semiconductor power devices. At the same time, due to the increase in the electron breakdown field strength, the bandwidth of the drift region of the silicon carbide diode power device can be reduced under the condition of increasing the impurity density, so the size of the power device can be reduced.
Silicon carbide diodes can improve the reliability of power supply by applying system connection devices such as BTB (AC-DC converter) to exchange power between power companies, and system stabilization devices such as SVG (reactive power generator). The influence of frequency fluctuations caused by accidents on the ultra-high voltage transmission line is kept to a minimum, and high-quality power supply can be maintained. Silicon carbide diodes can be connected to decentralized power sources, and can be used in connection inverter devices for large batteries (fuel cells, small gas turbine power generation), etc.


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