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Four questions that Schottky diode practitioners need to know

To engage in Schottky diode sales, the most important thing is to have sufficient knowledge of the products and rich industry experience. Except for a few special questions, customers generally consult Schottky diodes with many similar questions, such as price, parameters and functions. As a practitioner of Schottky diodes, you must understand the following four questions.
1. The effective value of the current of the Schottky diode. This problem is very extensive, because different models of Schottky diodes correspond to different parameters, and their current effective values ​​are also different. For example, Schottky diode SS14 has a parameter of 1A 40V. IFSM is 30V.
2. The difference between Schottky diode and tvs tube. The TVS tube is a high-efficiency protection device in the form of a diode. When the two poles of the TVS diode are impacted by reverse transient high energy, it can change the high impedance between the two poles into low impedance at a speed of 10-12 seconds, and absorb up to several kilowatts of surge power to make the two poles The middle voltage clamp is located at a predetermined value, which effectively protects the precision components in the electronic circuit from various surge pulses.
Schottky diode is a fast recovery diode, which is a low power consumption, ultra-high speed semiconductor device. Its notable feature is that the reverse recovery time is extremely short (can be as small as a few nanoseconds), and the forward voltage drop is only about 0.4V. Its workmanship is more sophisticated and more expensive than ordinary diodes, but it is similar to ordinary diodes in terms of external performance.
3. The role of Schottky diode parallel resistance. The parallel resistance of Schottky diodes can form the protective circuit components of the diodes to protect the circuit for safe use.
4. How to choose Schottky diode model. Generally speaking, this kind of problem needs to understand the customer's usage first, and then recommend the suitable Schottky diode model according to the customer's requirements. This requires relatively high industry experience. You can also ask the company if you encounter this kind of problem. The older employees are relatively more experienced.
Customers' questions are strange and strange, which requires Schottky diode sales staff to learn more and ask, so as to give customers a satisfactory answer.


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