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Advantages and applications of silicon carbide diodes

Silicon carbide diode is a low-power, ultra-high-speed semiconductor device, and its physical properties are far superior to silicon power devices. The silicon carbide diode uses a 1200V semiconductor Schottky rectifier, the maximum operating temperature can reach 175°C, the switching operation is ultra-fast and will not be affected by temperature. The unipolar rectifier such as silicon carbide diode can replace the bipolar rectifier, and there is no additional heat sink requirement, the working efficiency is relatively high, and it can work under high frequency.
The various technical indicators of silicon carbide diodes are better than ordinary bipolar diode technology. The switching speed of silicon carbide diodes is very fast, and there is no reverse recovery current when ordinary bipolar diode technology is switched. After eliminating the reverse recovery current effect, the energy consumption of the silicon carbide diode is reduced by 70%, which can maintain high energy efficiency in a wider temperature range, and improve the flexibility of the designer to optimize the operating frequency of the system.
The silicon carbide diode has passed the test of automotive-grade products, and its polarity withstand voltage has been increased to 650 volts, which can meet the requirements of designers and car manufacturers to reduce the voltage compensation coefficient, thereby ensuring the nominal voltage and instantaneous peak voltage of the on-board charging semiconductor components There is sufficient safety margin between. The silicon carbide diode double tube product can maximize the utilization rate of the air and reduce the weight of the car charger.
For switching power supply applications, silicon carbide diodes can be used for extremely fast switching, high frequency operation, zero recovery and temperature-independent behavior. In addition to our low inductance RP package, these silicon carbide diodes can also be used in any number of fast switching diode circuits or high frequency converter applications. Silicon carbide diodes are widely used in industrial fields and are used in high-frequency power converters for heavy motors and industrial equipment. They have the advantages of high efficiency, high power and high frequency.


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