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Diodes' bidirectional 8-channel potentiometer provides wide voltage range and flexible output options

Diodes Corporation (Nasdaq: DIOD), a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application-specific standard products, today launched PI4ULS5V108, which is an 8-channel, high-speed bidirectional potential converter designed for use in different voltage supply rails. Inter-IC communication design between operating devices. Its product applications are locked in areas such as personal computers, servers, networks, telecommunications and consumer electronics.
When the capacitive load is ≤30pF, PI4ULS5V108 can support up to 100 MHz boost conversion and buck conversion above 100 MHz. Therefore, it can be applied to various personal computer or consumer electronic product interfaces, such as GPIO, MDIO, SDIO, UART, SMBus, PMBus, I2C and SPI. There is no need for direction pin control during voltage potential conversion, which can minimize the workload of the system.
The 8 I/O channels of this level converter can be operated below 0.9V and 5V, and each I/O channel can be set to a different voltage conversion level to increase system flexibility. The on-resistance is extremely low, which can minimize signal distortion, and PI4ULS5V108 has a wider conversion voltage range, which is suitable for consumer electronic product interfaces. Both Enable and I/O pins have electrostatic protection (8kV HBM and 1kV CDM).
The 8-bit PI4ULS5V108 is available in 20-pin TSSOP or 20-pin VQFN 2.5mm x 4.5mm two package types, both of which can be packaged as a 13” reel.
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