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Next-generation infrastructure solutions enable advances in connected, autonomous vehicle technology

CES 2019-Las Vegas, Nevada-January 8, 2019-ON Semiconductor, which promotes energy-efficient innovation, and global technology innovation company 3M have jointly announced a collaboration to improve communications between vehicles and road infrastructure. ON Semiconductor and 3M will combine decades of image perception technology and road safety experience to help improve the navigation of cars equipped with autonomous driving functions.
During CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the two companies will demonstrate ON Semiconductor’s AR0234AT CMOS image sensor in the Murano 3302 and 3303 showrooms on the third floor of the Venetian Hotel. The sensor integrates 3M under A generation of digital smart code identification technology. Through this cooperation, the two companies are expected to accelerate the advancement of next-generation infrastructure solutions and promote the advancement of connected and autonomous vehicle technologies.
Ross Jatou, vice president and general manager of the Automotive Solutions Division of ON Semiconductor’s Intelligent Sensing Division, said: “Image sensors are the'eyes' of autonomous vehicles. Our sensor technology makes automotive vision far beyond that of human drivers. 3M's advanced materials Technology allows our sensors to provide more information due to the enhanced infrastructure, further helping drivers to surpass traditional advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and paving the way for autonomous driving."
Dr. Daniel Chen, Vice President and General Manager of the 3M Traffic Safety Division, said: “Fully autonomous driving will require integrated systems and driving ecosystems for cars to communicate with each other. Realizing this requires cooperation between the automotive and road safety industries. So we are very happy to work with Anson Together with American Semiconductor, we have taken the first step to jointly create an integrated system that will make connected, autonomous vehicles safer and more efficient."
The cooperation is based on 3M’s 80 years of commitment to helping improve traffic safety, and ON Semiconductor’s commitment to providing cutting-edge perception technologies and solutions for automakers and their suppliers.
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