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CET Taiwan Huarui CEP6036L

Name:CET Taiwan Huarui CEP6036L

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CET Taiwan Huarui CEP6036L

CET Huarui was established in 1984 and is the most competitive power semiconductor manufacturer in China. The company has obtained a number of product invention patents and has been certified by ISO14001, QS9000, and ISO9001.
Huarui is the first company in Taiwan to develop, produce and sell its own brand of MOSFET. From component design, wafer processing, packaging, testing to the entire operation and customer service, marketing worldwide. The company's products have been widely used in M/B, NB, UPS, Power Inverter, CCFL, DC Fan, SMPS, Adapter, Lighting, Battery, DC-DC, LCD Monitor... and other fields.
Huarui has more than 20 years of IC packaging experience and Taiwan MOSFET's most experienced and longest design team. In the future, we will use this as a basis to develop more advanced products, customer service-oriented, and provide the best quality and delivery time to meet customer needs.
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