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Agent production line

Nanjing Microne

Founded in 1999, Nanjing Weimeng Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research, development and sales of analog integrated circuit chip products. Our products have been widely used in multiple fields such as information appliances, wireless communications, digital communications and network technology. As a major IC design company under China Electronics (CEC), Wimob Electronics has passed the first batch of national "Integrated Circuit Design Enterprise" certifications, and has successively obtained provincial and municipal "High-tech Enterprise" certifications. It is worth mentioning that, as our largest shareholder, Huada Semiconductor Co., Ltd. continuously provides high-quality platforms and abundant resources for the development of the enterprise.
Weimeng Electronics is committed to developing power management products, mainly including LDO series, DC/DC series, LED DRIVER, AC/DC series, lithium battery management, voltage detection series, digital-analog hybrid series, audio power amplifier IC series, etc., and are electronic The main chip and related devices of the equipment provide high-quality and stable power solutions.

Schottky diode supplier

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