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Agent production line

Taiwan (Silicongear)

Greenstar Electronics was founded in May 2002, focusing on the design and sales of power semiconductor components.
The main application areas are: motor drive control, battery management system, power tools, garden tools, large energy storage devices,
Industrial DC motor control, high power density power supply modules, and various consumer electronics products.
In 2017, the new generation DG-FET™ metal oxide half field effect transistor was officially released.
The DG-FET series has a high-speed switching speed and the industry’s excellent Ron-Crss performance. Due to the buffering effect, the DG-FET series can suppress,
Switch noise and ringing more effectively than SuperTrench series. RDS (on) on-resistance is at least 50% lower than other similar components, and gate charge (Qg) is 50% lower than other devices
The DG-FET™ and SuperTrench™ product portfolio covers 20V to 200V specifications, which can simultaneously solve the problems of low switching frequency and high switching frequency.
Schottky diode supplierSchottky diode supplier
Schottky diode supplier
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