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Agent production line

HY Electronic (Cayman)

HY Development Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the product development, manufacturing and sales of rectifier diodes and bridge rectifiers.
Including: rectifier diodes, bridge rectifiers, automotive diodes, small signal diodes, Hongyang has the most complete rectifier diode product portfolio, which can provide the most timely overall solutions.
Since 1989, Hongyang entered mainland China, adhering to the principle of excellence and continuous innovation to provide products and services.
Continue to move towards a world-class manufacturer of rectification-related overall solutions.
Currently: VISHAY/LITEON foundry, SONY green partner.
Hongyang's superior products are high-power bridge stacks, TO-220/R-6 packaged diodes, and solar wiring tubes; it can replace Lite-On, Taiban, Qiangmao and other first-line brand products.
Schottky diode supplierSchottky diode supplier
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