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Agent production line


mospec Semiconductor is a vertically integrated professional power semiconductor company. Taiwan's established semiconductor manufacturer. More than 30 years of semiconductor production experience!
Power supply product line with advanced technology in Taiwan. The main products are power transistors, TO220 package Schottky diodes, fast recovery diodes;
Ultra-high-speed and fast-recovery rectifier diodes, surge suppression diodes, and various surface mount product components.
At present, it has entered the field of solar energy and can provide a product line including silicon ingots, silicon wafers and solar cells.
Since its establishment, it has been adhering to a firm belief in innovative research and development, and its technology has become increasingly sophisticated, making products more competitive;
In order to meet the needs of customers and continue to increase profitability to return share cards, all success comes from the dedication and hard work of the company's employees and management team.
Tongmao Agent: Dongguan Meirui Electronics Co., Ltd.
Schottky diode supplier
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