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merry Introduction


Founded in 2013, Dongguan Merry Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of the industry's leading providers of discrete devices and technical services.
The core management team has many years of industry background, and constantly attracts outstanding talents to join, and has a complete talent cultivation mechanism; to ensure the continuous improvement of competitiveness.
Committed to providing a product portfolio that reduces losses and improves performance. Promote quality dedicated lines into thousands of industries.
Since its establishment, it has been trusted and supported by many industrial organizations and partners, and has continued to contribute to the healthy development of the industry.
We accurately transfer customer requirements and expectations to the entire  Merry value system, balance opportunities and risks with customers, quickly respond to customer needs, provide predictable and consistent services, and realize the company's sustainable development.
In order to continuously deliver high-quality products and services, we represent well-known brands in the industry: Taiwan  (MOSPEC)/Taiwan(HY)/South Korea Semihow/Taiwan  (CET-mos) Longteng Semiconductor/PFC (energy-saving components)/Shanke (ST) )/Zhirun (ZRE)/Nanjing Micro One Electronics Inc, etc.
The core product lines are:
1. Rectification; Ultra-fast recovery; Schottky; Zener diode; Bridge rectifier;
2. Low voltage MOSFET; super junction MOS
3. SIC diode; SICMOS
Merry expects to incorporate trust and implement high standards in every product and service, including:
Predictable: The ability to deliver products that customers always trust and the ability to respond quickly to customer complaints.
Accurately state customer requirements and expectations (Accurately state): Through continuous training of practitioners and system improvement, the ability to accurately and quickly advance customer cases and continue to evolve.
Privacy: Compliance with privacy protection is not only a requirement of laws and regulations, but also a reflection of values. Customer privacy data has complete protection capabilities and mechanisms.
Compliance with environmental protection requirements (protect environment): Provide ROHS, REACH, halogen-free products, and cooperate with suppliers to save energy and reduce emissions, and build a green supply chain.
Reliable & Consistent: The product can guarantee trouble-free operation for a long time under strict working environment, as well as the service of consistent quality from sample sealing to mass production to model shutdown.
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