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Meirui Introduction


Dongguan Meirui Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 as a professional supplier of semiconductor discrete device sales and technical services.
Acting for well-known brands in the industry: Taiwan Tong Mao (MOSPEC) / Taiwan Hong Yang (HY) / Taiwan Green Star (Silicongear)
Taiwan Huarui (CET)/PFC (energy-saving components)/Shenke (ST)/Zhirun (ZRE)/Weimeng (ME), etc.
The company's core management team has many years of industry background, and constantly attracts outstanding talents to join, and has a complete talent cultivation mechanism to ensure continuous improvement of competitiveness.
The company’s core product lines include:
1. Full range of rectifier/fast recovery/Schottky/zener diodes, bridge rectifiers;
2. Low-voltage MOSFET; CoolMOS
3. LDO;
4. Silicon carbide diode/silicon carbide MOS
Products are widely used in: home appliance control panels, multi-form power supplies, LED lighting, smart homes, power and mobile equipment, photovoltaic generator industrial equipment and other fields.
Meirui is committed to providing cutting-edge products for various cutting-edge innovative electronic solutions and promoting innovation in all electronic application fields.
Schottky diode supplier